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Subject: [oletrucks] wobble/mecca
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Date: Thu, 28 Sep 2000 13:44:38 -0400

From: W P. Fricke

I've missed a couple of recent posts but caught this one which reminded me
of a condition I have been experiencing but haven't admitted to myself that
I might have a problem. At around 40-45 m/p/h I get a wobble up through the
steering wheel. Below or above that speed and I'm fine. Whats the problem?
Ball joint? Tie rod? I'm running radials. The suspension is lowered by 2
inches with a single leaf set-up. Otherwise stock original geometry. I
remember this condition when I was a kid driving a '58 Belvedere in the
70's. Ignored it.

On the mecca subject, I say Grant you're in! Keep us on the straight and
narrow. I second the proposal for a New York distribution center! I've
already contacted a buddy with 20 acres.

'53 1/2 ton 2-tone

>Subject: Re: [oletrucks] Bias plies and bumpsteer


>I didn't have problems on cement roads, only on asphalt.  I also had 4
>different sets of (used of course) bias plys before the radials.  IMHO
>radials are the only way to go. :P

> >I have stock suspension on my AD and had a real problem with bump steer.
>I ...got radials.  Now I can steer with one finger.  No
> >more two fisted white knuckle driving for me.
>It's funny, but I have no steering problems with my unrestored suspension
>and fresh bias plies.  Not to knock radials, but could it have more to do
>with the age and/or brand of the tire than with the type of construction?

From: "G. Simmons" <gls@4link.net>
Subject: Re: [oletrucks] Mecca 2 (long)

Remember that any general partner can bind the entire general partnership,
and each partner is fully liable for all obligations of the partnership.
you start talking about serious money (I presume the $17,000 acquisition
cost is a fraction of the entire cost of moving storing and setting up
business operations) then you need to centralize management authority,
through a corporation, Limited Liability Company or Limited Partnership.

Unfortunately, while solitications of investments in a corporate entity
to a large number of people is subject to Colorado law (fairly strict) and
the various state laws in which each individual receiving an investment
solicitation lives).  There is a federal securities exemption for offerings
of under $1 million, but many states are much stricter.

I'm not saying this to rain on the parade, but rather because if the
investors turn out not to be satisfied with the way things turn out, they
can use the fact that the securities laws were not complied with to get
their money back, plus, in some cases, attorneys fees and exemplary
Sometimes they get the state attorney general to get involved and do all
work for them.  I've seen it happen.  For many years I earned my salt
cleaning up the legal messes left when business deals went wrong.


Grant S.
54 3100 (mostly all there)
54 3100 (mostly not there)
55 1st 3100 (mostly rust)
Los Angeles, CA

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