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Re: [oletrucks] paint code, and opinions

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Subject: Re: [oletrucks] paint code, and opinions
From: "Edward T. Dingo" <cen36932@centuryinter.net>
Date: Fri, 27 Apr 2001 13:40:14 -0400
Hi Brian,
  My thoughts: Build it the way you want to. YOU are ultimately the one you have
to please. Keep in mind dependability, reliability, cost, and longevity (yours
and the truck's). Exotic usually means $$$$. Would be neater to pull into Mr.
Goodwrench for service if necessary, than to trouble shoot and mail order exotic
items long distance in the hopes that the part will fix the problem.
  As for window tinting, in Michigan a vehicle can be pulled over and ticketed
for too dark a tint. Unless you have an optometrist certify that such dark tint
is need for protection for your eyes. My son's girlfriend had such a dark tint
on her car. Carried paper with her to show need of same. Check state/local laws,
save headaches.
  Pick up copies of Custom Classic Trucks, and/or Classic Trucks. Send for every
catalog in the dang things. Some stuff you'll need, some will be for reference.
And don't have everything etched in stone right now. There will be more than one
time a'comin' that you will say, "Hey, why didn't I think of that?, or That
would be too cool on my truck!"
  And pay attention to this list and those who have gone and done it before or
are still in the process of  restoring or modifying (restifying). Make a file in
your e-mail account and label it TRUCK or something original like that. Posts
from this list come in, read 'em, delete as necessary, or if pertains to your
truck, or an idea, or site, or ???, file it. There is an archive available too.
Your own file is that much less searching though.
  The preceding was my 2 cents. Enjoy the list, take things for what they are
worth, file what ya need and delete the rest. Sorta like life.

Ed in Mich.
'57 3100

Brian _ wrote:

> hi all,
> im 19 years old and look 12, and my rod-i-fied truck in a primer coat is
> drawing way too much attention from the corrupt cops in the area (im still
> in the court system now, dealing with police lies and false police reports
> becuase i really dont do anything, i just fit a profile),... so, in an
> attempt to shed some of this hassle, and still have a sweet looking truck
> ive changed my ideas about how im going to build it. id just like to hear
> what you all think of them.
>      1; im going to paint the truck the original color, paint code 234N,
> ocean green (sea foam color to thos not familar with this color) with oak
> and stainless bed floor, and all original emblems, re-chromed of course. i
> am also painted the grill, bumper, and headlight bezels bombay ivory.
>      2; im going to use the old style steel 'vette ralley wheels painted
> body color with chrome police style hub caps and beauty rings.
>      3; i will be tinting the windows and lowering it with mono-leafs in
> front and removing 2 leaves in back. im also going to add power steering to
> the I-beam front suspension, as i already have power disc brakes
>     4; i also plan to use GM Perf. Ram-Jet fuel injection when the money
> gets saved up enough, for that "vintage" look under the hood. im going to
> modify the way i hook up the air cleaner to use a repo. fuelie belair side
> mount filter. (dont as me how, i dont know, but im going to do it, even at
> my age, im getting good at fabrication)
>     5; im going to use the original colume, and steering wheel (if i can
> find an original '57 wheel that its good or restorable shape that i can
> afford), but the interior will be done in dark gray and black, original
> radio is in tact, so its staying in there, and i will add A/C.
> well, thats my truck plans, in a nut shell, what do you think?
> also, does anyone have a '57 steering wheel they dont want? im broke and
> between   jobs, but if i can afford it, and to fix it if it needs fixing,
> ill let you know.
> my last question, anyone know a dupont paint# for 1957 234N paint? i really
> want my truck to be its original color, and i already have dupont primer, so
> i want their paint too.
> thanks
> Brian M
> Atwater, CA
> '57 Chevy 3200
> '00 Dodge Neon
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> oletrucks is devoted to Chevy and GM trucks built between 1941 and 1959
oletrucks is devoted to Chevy and GM trucks built between 1941 and 1959

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