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Re: [oletrucks] electrical dilemma

To: tim <lloydt@Colorado.EDU>
Subject: Re: [oletrucks] electrical dilemma
From: Bill Bailey <billb@gamewood.net>
Date: Tue, 03 Jul 2001 06:44:05 -0400
Check to make sure grounding strap is still connected between engine anf
frame and that all connections are tight and clean.

tim wrote:
> Hello, I was wondering if anyone might be able to help me diagnose this
> problem:
> I recently had the distributor replaced in my '54 Chevy pickup.  It was
> running just peachy until the other day, when I tried to start it and got
> absolutely nothing.  No sounds, no cranking, nothing.  Figuring the
> battery just died, I tried jump-starting from my car -- all I got was a
> thunk.  Not entirely sure what to do, I tried attaching the jumper cables
> from the car so that the positive cable went to the positive post on the
> starter, and the negative cable went to ground on the truck frame.
> Turning the key then got the starter to crank, but the engine still
> wouldn't fire.
> I'm a little brain-fried now, and would appreciate any suggestions as to
> what to check next.
> Thanks,
> Tim Lloyd, omaha@tmbg.org
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oletrucks is devoted to Chevy and GM trucks built between 1941 and 1959

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