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[oletrucks] starter motor problems

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Subject: [oletrucks] starter motor problems
From: 237459N@knotes.kodak.com
Date: Mon, 9 Jul 2001 08:08:55 -0400
From: W P. Fricke

Every once in a while I jump in the truck and hit the starter button and get
this god-awful sound like someone just got "lectricuted". I will depress the
foot peddle a couple of times until I get the starter to actually engage the
flywheel. Then we're off. Yesterday it seemed intent on giving me noise instead
of action. Whats the problem? Open circuit? The gear is obviously not engaging.
I just don't know why. Bad starter? Short somewhere?

The manual (for an earlier year) actual shows a starter with a solenoid mounted
on it with directions on how to adjust a gap in the starter gear. My starter has
no such solenoid mounted on the starter. Changes to later years in the back do
not comment on the starter. Suggestions?

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