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Re: Re: [oletrucks] Jammed Linkage on Saginaw 4 Speed

To: James Collins <jxc7@psu.edu>
Subject: Re: Re: [oletrucks] Jammed Linkage on Saginaw 4 Speed
From: Claude Ramey<cramey@earthlink.net>
Date: Thu, 09 May 2002 12:20:23 -0700
The truck has a 10 bolt 3.08 limited slip from, I think, a Monte Carlo with 
30X9.50 tires. The trans has three rings which , again I think, makes it about 
a 3.50 first gear. I sought this trans because the original granny 4-speed's 
2nd gear, seemed to be a comfortable gear to use and it was about 3.50 ratio. I 
had the flywheel resurfaced at the machine shop and put a 10 1/2 inch clutch in 
it. I still had some shutter when taking off in first and replaced clutches and 
bearings etc. but some homemade traction bars took care of most of that. 
I only drive the truck about 5,000 miles a year and most of that is in town 
with some short highway trips.
I have another truck that has an automatic and AC, so I enjoy driving the 
4-speed some.


On Thu, 9 May 2002 10:27:54 -0400 James Collins <jxc7@psu.edu> wrote:


Your set-up looks mighty fine, sleekly utilitarian. How miles do you 
have on it? What kind of driving? What Saginaw do you have? How many 
rings on the input shaft? What kind of rear? Clutch?

I hope this thread keeps going so more can be learned about this 
trans/shifter assemblage and perhaps lead to a solution to 
IDPHR@aol.com problems. The solution to go automatic, while it has 
obvious merits, as stated seems to be more of a "Monday Morning" 
answer. If dumping and starting over is the only solution, then I'm 
going to ask Santa for a new truck just like the one the Playmate of 
the year has, but in Forester Green, thank you. Maybe the folks at 
TheGearBox@aol.com might have some thoughts.


>James, I have a Saginaw 4-speed with the Patrick's shifter. I don't have any
>problems with mine, in fact it is very nice. It is a Hurst competition plus
>with a long shifter. Take a look at these pics:
>1959 Apache Fleetside
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>From: "James Collins" <jxc7@psu.edu>
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>Subject: Re: [oletrucks] Jammed Linkage on Saginaw 4 Speed
>>  Jim,
>>  I'm very interested in learning what you have to say about this
>>  problem. Please share the story with the list, I don't believe this
>>  tie things up. I have a newly rebuilt 4 speed Saginaw that I was
>>  planning to marry to Patrick's shifter, so I am directly interested.
>>  Do you know if Patrick's shifter is a stock Hurst product?
>>  James
>>  >I agree, go automatic!  But seriously...
>>  >
>>  >I don't think you've described the problem well enough for us to figure
>>  >out what's going on.  Does the transmission seem to stick in second gear
>>  >when it jams?  Or does the transmission seem to be in a different gear,
>>  >or no gear?  How do you get it unjammed?  Do you have to disconnect
>>  >linkage, and move something, then reconnect it?
>>  >
>>  >It could be a transmission problem, or it could be a linkage problem.
>>  >It's not likely to be both.
>>  >
>>  >There is a lockout mechanism inside the transmission which will not let
>>  >it engage two gears at once.  But if it were locking in two gears, the
>>  >transmission would not turn, the truck would not move, and the engine
>>  >would stall when you let out the clutch...you didn't mention any of this
>>  >happening, so that's probably not what's going on.
>>  >
>>  >You said that you adjust the linkage, and it works fine for awhile, then
>>  >starts jamming again.  When it starts jamming again, do you have to
>>  >readjust the linkage?  If so, then somethign is moving, and you need to
>>  >figure out what it is.
>>  >
>>  >If you want to email with a more detailed description, I might be able
>>  >to help, but it's been over 20 years since I sold my saginaw/hurst setup
>>  >and went to a th400, so my memory may be a tad weak.
>>  >
>>  >Jim F
>>  >59s in AZ
>>  >oletrucks is devoted to Chevy and GM trucks built between 1941 and 1959
>>  oletrucks is devoted to Chevy and GM trucks built between 1941 and 1959
oletrucks is devoted to Chevy and GM trucks built between 1941 and 1959
oletrucks is devoted to Chevy and GM trucks built between 1941 and 1959

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