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Date: Mon, 22 Sep 2003 09:16:02 -0700
Maybe a 347 instead of 348? 1957 GMC's had the 347 V8 motors.

Blaine & Maggie Dumkee wrote:

>Well I can't answer all your questions but I will start with a couple.
>Is the truck indeed a Chevrolet or is it a GMC? If a Chevy then the 348 is
>not the original engine.
>6 cylinder trucks still had floor starters in 1958, but not V8's, this may
>be another clue that it is not the original engine. But maybe the cabs all
>had the hole!
>But because it is not a 1/2 ton this may not be correct.
>As for your plans, go for it! I do not think this list is the place that
>some one will tell you to sell the truck and go down to you local dealer and
>buy a new one. Unless of course they want to buy your truck!
>Best of luck with your truck and keep us informed.
>Blaine Dumkee
>Fort Smith NT
> http://photos.yahoo.com/bdumkee
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>Hi guys,
>          I just took my 58 Apache 1 ton out for a drive last night. I
>haven't had it long. I don't know much history on the truck, but I am
>curious as to some of the things I found about it. Maybe some of you more
>knowledgeable guys can let me know the story on some of the things about the
>It has a 348 engine that I am not sure if it's original or not. Someone said
>it probably wasn't because of how close the steering shaft came to the
>exhaust manifold. It does have dual rear wheels, and the side emblem says
>It has a hole in the floor where the foot starter may have been? Did the
>58's still use those? It now has a starter switch on the dash.
>Other than a SMALL area on the back of the cab, this baby seems pretty close
>to rust free. It's also in great shape with little to no major body work
>The tranny is a 4 speed with a granny first. I can't get above about 5mph
>before I need to shift. Top speed seems to be about 50 mph.
>The distributor is still points. If I decide on keeping the 348 in there for
>a while I'd like to convert it to HEI, but not sure they make a distributor
>for it. I understand they are unique?
>Long range plans are to make it a reliable long distance car trailer tow
>vehicle, and maybe more. Maybe a camper? Of course it will be great for
>going down to the home improvement store and towing the boat to the lake,
>and eventually car/truck shows.
>Thinking about a 383 stroker for torque, a 4L80E automatic, front disk
>brakes, adding power steering, and power brakes, Dually rear our of a junked
>modern truck? Flaming River tilt column, and a nice modern bench seat among
>other interior decorations.
>Some of you might be saying "why don't you just buy a new truck?"  Well I
>think the 2003 Chevy trucks are the ugliest danged things ever made for one,
>I love the looks on these older classics, and besides....it's kinda fun to
>build it like I want one to be rather than check options on a paper at the
>dealer. Besides, you get out of some legal hassles with smog requirements,
>you can put together combinations not available at a dealer, insurance in
>cheaper, and the value goes up in time, not down.
>Anyone have any tips or observations?
>                                       Steve
>oletrucks is devoted to Chevy and GM trucks built between 1941 and 1959
>oletrucks is devoted to Chevy and GM trucks built between 1941 and 1959


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oletrucks is devoted to Chevy and GM trucks built between 1941 and 1959

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