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Re: [oletrucks] Where is everyone?

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Subject: Re: [oletrucks] Where is everyone?
From: Bruce Kettunen <bekett@uslink.net>
Date: Mon, 13 Oct 2003 16:29:05 -0500
You forgot to tell them, Culver, that Mille Lacs is in the warm half 
of the state.  They usually don't get ice until sometime in December.
Up here I've seen pickups on the ice on Thanksgiving weekend.

This weekend I was using the oletruck to haul some lumber and get 
things ready for winter, really an excuse to get one or two last 
rides in it.  I plan to put it to bed in the garage next weekend 
before snow hits.  Driving it to work all week to turn over the gas 
in the tank with fresh Holiday gold premium ("For Use in Snowmobiles,
Outboards, Small Engines, and Classic Vehicles Only").

I'm sure our Canadian friends can top our stories.  At least it still 
gets daylight for a while every winter day here.

For those who don't know what a fish house is, rent Grumpy Old Men 
sometime.  For those who don't know what winter is, rent Fargo.  
Fer shure, we Minnesotans never have to rewind it to pick up on the 

Bruce Kettunen
57 3200
Mt. Iron, MN

At Monday, 13 October 2003, you wrote:

>Hello Oletruckers,
>Winter starts in Minnesota when resort owners at Lake Mille Lacs 
(big blue 
>blob in center of your MN highway map) drag about five-thousand 
ice fishing 
>houses out to the middle of the big blue blob, by then frozen hard and 
>a big white 
>blob. These fish houses join about ten-thousand dragged out by non-
>Resort owners, unwilling to admit they do this as a hobby, need 
to get paying 
>customers out to the fish houses to do things like fish, quaff cold 
ones, and 
>talk about Oletrucks they had as kids and never should have sold.
The snow is 
>too deep and the ice is too unpredictable to run old school buses.
(The Cuban 
>AD with a prop would be great in summer, but, then, soft ice makes 
>track of fish houses tricky, at best.) 
>Resort owners come to the job with a lot of common sense. They put 
it to work 
>by taking an almost old Suburban (newer than Task Force), adding 
bogey wheels 
>and tracks to the rear suspension, trading front wheels for beefed 
up snow 
>mobile skis, and installing about five extra heaters. The result 
looks like 
>someone's dream of a civilian conversion of a military half-track 
gone bad. 
>Suspension and body lifts equal about two feet. The highway patrol 
>on the 
>highway, so exhaust systems are minimal. Typical paint job is rattle 
can camo. 
>Nonetheless, these beasts get the job done. 
>When they roll, Minnesota winter is here.
>Regards and don't let the cold ones freeze,
>Culver Adams
>1931 Chevy coupe
>1951 Chevy 3100
>(Sort of thinking about a 1962 Suburban, some bogey wheels, and 
other parts.)
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> WOW!! And here I was thinking abt visiting a friend in Reno in 
Jan. Time to
> rethink, or buy snow tires!! BK
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> > Geez, Gary, I'm nervous enough seeing her behind the wheel. You're 
> > making it any easier.
> >
> > And, yep, it gets pretty cold here in the northern part of Nevada.
A few
> > Thanksgivings ago we got 18" of snow.  Of course, that's nothing 
for you
> > Minnesotans.
> >
> > Harry
> > '55 AD Chevy
> > Reno, NV
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