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[oletrucks] Source Needed for '49 3600 PTO Cable

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Subject: [oletrucks] Source Needed for '49 3600 PTO Cable
From: Kevin & Deana Brown <MGTRAutoXr@sprintmail.com>
Date: Tue, 21 Oct 2003 16:52:40 -0500
Does anyone know of a source for the PTO cable for a 2-way power takeoff
on a '48 3600 with a stock transmission.  I broke the cable on my
wrecker yesterday (while towing a '48 Dodge 1/2 ton down to the highway
to slap a for sale sign on it).  It is a real pain to crawl under the
truck and flip the PTO lever by hand every time to raise or lower the
boom on the wrecker - especially since the engine must be off (since the
PTO is engaged when the clutch is out) when I flip the lever.  The cable
just has a big knob on the dash that you push in to lower the boom or
pull out to raise it.  The cable assembly seems somewhat universal in
nature but the length would need to be fairly close to the original.
I've been using the wrecker quite a bit lately since I have been towing
the '51 3100, which is still for sale, down to the in the morning and
bringing it back up to the house in the evening since I don't want to
leave it down there overnight and it is a lot slower to do when I have
to run the PTO by hand.  Thanks.

Kevin Brown
Odessa, MO
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