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[oletrucks] Finally a little more progress on the 'burb

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Subject: [oletrucks] Finally a little more progress on the 'burb
From: J Forbes <jforbes2@mindspring.com>
Date: Tue, 21 Oct 2003 13:54:27 -0700
After letting my 57 Suburban sit for the past 9 months, I moved it into 
the working area of my garage yesterday, and this morning patched up the 
few rust holes on the drivers side quarter panel, and started laying on 
some filler this afternoon.

Also we finally got around to buying some pushrods and rocker arm 
assemblies for my 12 yr old son Gary's 235 (which came out of the 
Suburban, and will go into whatever pickup we finally decide to build 
for him).  Picture of the 235 is available at the link below for a 
limited time only!  and I might put some more pics of the Suburban on 
it's page, which can be found at the "cars" link on the same link.

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