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[oletrucks] rear axle ratio 55TF

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Subject: [oletrucks] rear axle ratio 55TF
From: mark <ccpanel@jps.net>
Date: Thu, 30 Sep 2004 21:48:21 -0600
i have a one-ton dually 55 TF camper with the BIG stock 18" wheels 8 lug.
i want to know the rear ratio if anyone has a book or knows-please contact me.

i just completed the swap from 235 to a stock-looking(original links even)
350 and let me tell you-7200# moves down the road quite a bit faster. took a
weekend and went to big sur-drove over 800 miles round-trip at over 70mph
and it was cool and i even had secondaries left over to punch it around slow

had a few concernes about the stock 4spd tranny spinning fast so was
thinking of adding synthetic gear lube to the trans and axle.


       northern california

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