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Subject: [oletrucks] spare tire
From: mark <ccpanel@jps.net>
Date: Thu, 30 Sep 2004 21:48:22 -0600
heres a thought for all you non-purists.
chevy in the late 80's-90's made a spare tire carrier that had a winch thing
under teh bed. you used a crank to wind the tire down and then when the
cable was lsack-you tilt it through the hole in the rim and slide the tire
out from under the truck.
i know(from expierience that twhen you use the stock carrier you have to
support teh whole thing with your body somehow to get the new tire down and
then lift teh whole thing with the flat tire back up.

just worth ducking under a 8?-9? chevy truck to see what im talking about.
i think 4 bolts takes it out of the trcuk adn if you want you can take the
whole crossmember out of the donor to be bolted in your truck-after some end
cuts or brackets.


       northern california

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