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Re: [oletrucks] Oil Pressure Reading Problem

To: "Hanlon, Bill \(ISS Houston\)" <bill.hanlon@hp.com>,
Subject: Re: [oletrucks] Oil Pressure Reading Problem
From: "K. M. Lehmann" <klehmann@bentonrea.com>
Date: Mon, 4 Oct 2004 12:33:46 -0700
Air or oil you should read pressure, but as Bill mentioned the dipper oil
system is low [around 15#] on some 60# guages the low press will hardly

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From: "Hanlon, Bill (ISS Houston)" <bill.hanlon@hp.com>
To: "Michael E. Mendonga" <mm@service-quality.com>; "Oletrucks"
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Subject: RE: [oletrucks] Oil Pressure Reading Problem

> Air in the line will cause delayed action by the gauge.  The small size of
the line to the gauge restricts flow of oil used to compress the air in the
line.  Assuming the gauge is working correctly it will eventually read the
proper value.  The bad news is that it would also go down slowly, not
warning you of a low pressure situation immediately.
> If the line is full of oil instead of air the gauge will react very
quickly to pressure changes (air compresses, oil doesn't).
> Try "bleeding" the line by starting the engine, loosening the tubing
connection at the back of the gauge, waiting for oil to flow out of the
connection and then tightening the connection.
> If the gauge still reads zero it is defective (assuming the engine
actually has proper oil pressure).  Remember that early Chevy 6 cylinder
engines do not have near the oil pressure (especially at idle) that modern
engines have.

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