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[oletrucks] rear axle swap

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Subject: [oletrucks] rear axle swap
From: zigga50@att.net
Date: Mon, 11 Oct 2004 14:25:04 +0000
Hi I have a 1950 chevy 1/2 ton short bed that I have converted the front drums 
to disc which gave me a 5 lug up front and I wanted to convert the rear to 5 
lug. So I bought this guys parts that he had just ripped out of a fifties car I 
got the 5 bolt rear axle, torque tube, engine (235), three speed tranny, and 
front independant suspension cross member. so I know that I can swap my 6 lug 
rear end with the car one but i was trying to find the easiest way to do so . I 
have already taken out the two 5 lug axles out of the housing and was wandering 
if i could swap those out with the 6 lug axles and still use my 6 lug axle 
housing with the 5 lug axles, or if I would have to swap out the whole rear end 
and if so would I have to swap torque tubes also? my truck has a 235 with a 
four speed the guy who converted it to the 4 speed had to use a diffrent 
u-joint where the transmission connects to the torque tube

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