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Subject: [oletrucks] Re. A bit desparate for help with the final stages of
From: "Elwood \"Woody\" Adams" <woodys@usadatanet.net>
Date: Mon, 11 Oct 2004 11:32:59 -0400
Clear DayMike wrote:
      I am in the final stages of installing my rebuilt 216 into my '46 3/4 
pickup and I need help with four things:

1.  How do I orient the flywheel so that the timing mark is in the right

Try rotating the engine by hand with number one spark plug removed.
Bring the engine to top dead center on the compresion stroke and aline
 the timing marks. After you pre-lube the engine by spinning the oil pump
with an extra distributor shaft in a drill till the engine is all oiled, 
install the
distributor and so the rotor is pointing to number one spark plug wire
terminal. This will get you close enough to start and do your fine tuning
and final valve adjustments.

2.  I would like to roughly set the valves.  Can I set them to the specs for
a hot engine before I start it for the first time so that the valves are
close and the engine will fire?

Bill Hanllons responce on this is right on. Set them a little losser then
factory specs. to allow for heat expansion.

3.  I am thinking that I will static time the engine so that I can get the
timing close.  Is the right thing to do?
Again Bill is right on.

4.  Any other tips for a first time do-it-yourselfer in getting the new
engine in and running correctly?
  4.a. Pre-Oil always before turning over a new engine.
    b. Make sure radiator is full and have some more handy to top
        of thre radiator as the engine warms up.
    c. Double check everything, hose conections, firing order,
        Oil in crankase, Oil filter on and snug, ect. It may seem anal but
        even the best mechanic can over look something when
        rushing or interupted by the wife calling you in for dinner.
Good Luck,
Woody Adams
'43 GMC 11/2 ton

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