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[oletrucks] Exhaust heat riser valve on 235?

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Subject: [oletrucks] Exhaust heat riser valve on 235?
From: "Jack Simpson" <jacksimpson@telus.net>
Date: Thu, 14 Oct 2004 17:56:06 -0700
I have a couple questions regarding the exhaust heat riser valve on my '55 1st
series /235 engine:
Seems the assembly hasn't worked properly since I got the truck about 8 years
ago.  Didn't realize how important this little device is.  It's only when I re
& re'd the manifolds that I discovered the small bi-metal spring on the side
of the exhaust manifold (below the carb) was broken.

To be able to put it right, I need to know what position the valve's
counterweight is supposed to be in while cold (flat side down?) and what way
is the spring supposed to be placed (while looking at the shaft end, dead on)
and how much tension on it to work the valve properly?  ..in other words, how
does the whole thing go together.  The shop manual is not that specific.
Also, the casting pin on the manifold (that the spring tensions to) is badly
worn thin.  How difficult is it to spot weld another replacement on the cast

Thanks,  Jack

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