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[oletrucks] Christmas card search....

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Subject: [oletrucks] Christmas card search....
From: <eds57@charter.net>
Date: Sun, 24 Oct 2004 16:50:47 +0000
Two Sundays ago, in the newspaper, the colored coupon section, there was a full 
page ad for Christmas cards. One in particular showed the rear of an AD green 
Chevrolet, wreath on the tailgate. Inside, (if I remember correctly), said: 
"This season, take the road less travelled" I loved the card and the saying so 
much I saved it to order later. The wife inadvertently tossed it out while 
clearing off the kitchen table. (I know, I should have taken care of it!). 
Anybody remember it? Or have the source? I did a Google search for over an 
hour, to no avail. Thanks for the help......

Ed in Mich
'57 3100  

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