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Subject: Re: [oletrucks] gas tank
From: Ie61pah@aol.com
Date: Wed, 21 Sep 2005 10:23:27 EDT
John, I don't know the exact size, but you might want to look at one from a  
'68-'69 Chevelle. I was going to look at using one on my '58 truck before I 
had  to sell for health reasons. The reason I like that one is because they had 
a  rear facing filler neck. You could mount it in the rear most part of your 
frame,  and have the filler neck come out behind the rear license plate. If you 
get the  spring loaded license plate holder from the same donor, then you 
flip down the  plate, fill your tank, and flip it back up, and hide the filler 
Some guys will say that those rear facing filler neck tanks were dangerous  
because they could be damaged in a rear end wreck, and blow up, but I feel that 
 they made millions of them, in all different models of cars, and only a few 
of  them ever blew up. I really liked the idea of it, cause the tank was 
hidden, and  no holes cut into the body. Like I said, they was several 
models of  cars with this style of tank, so look around, and find one that fits.
Just an idea, check it out if you want.  Good Luck.
Hollister, West Burlington, IA.

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