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LA Trade Tech College enrolling for the fall

To: Shop Talk <>
Subject: LA Trade Tech College enrolling for the fall
From: Douglas Shook <>
Date: Sat, 21 Jul 2001 16:41:29 -0700
Hi listers,

For those of us in the Los Angeles Area, LA Trade Tech is
enrolling for the fall semester (9/4 - 12/20). Last fall I took a
welding class, and then an auto body repair and painting class in
the spring (for that one you drive your car/project right in to
the shop, have your own stall, and they provide all the tools) . 
Next semester I am taking a machine tools class (includes CNC).
They have auto and motorcycle repair, machine shop, welding, all
the building trades and so forth.

It costs $12 per unit, many of the classes are 1 unit and meet
once a week at night.  

I am very pleased with the classes I have taken, and most likely
will take one class every semester until I run out of skills I
want to master (well, this should take the rest of my life...)

Anyway, it is near downtown LA, right off the metro lines if you
don't want to drive in. If you want to drive in, it is at the 10
and the 110 (Harbor and Santa Monica Fwys). If you want to park
on campus, motorcycles are free and a car permit costs $20 for
the semester.  There is a good deal of on street parking for
free, too, but you might have to circle for a bit to get a spot. 

Once you have taken one class, you can just sign-up and pay for
classes on the website and pay by credit card.  It is very easy
to do.

Here is the url:


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