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Pressure washer to strip exterior paint?

Subject: Pressure washer to strip exterior paint?
From: Brian Kemp <>
Date: Tue, 19 Feb 2002 22:31:47 -0800
I'm planning to paint the house this summer and want to make the prep as easy as
possible.  Most of the house is stucco in good condition, but the paint on the
trim and carport is in poor shape and flaking off.

Since much of the area is the carport roof (2x10 joists covered with plywood and
a new roof), scraping overhead is not a task I look forward to.  I was thinking
a pressure washer might make the job of removing the old paint easier.  Has
anyone gone this route and did it work?  I know I will need to do some scraping
and sanding and let everything dry thoroughly before priming and repainting.

I'm looking at an electric Karcher model 395M listed at 1400 PSI and 1.6 GPM.


Brian Kemp

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