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Subject: RE: Parking Lifts
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Date: Thu, 15 Dec 2005 12:46:40 -0500
Parking Solutions was the first to advertise parking lifts.  They did so in
the back of Road and Track in the late 80's.  they may have "invented" the
idea of home parking lifts.  Never saw it before that.  I bought one of
theirs...and then I saw they were selling many kinds..Motorcycle...Shop
Lifts (where you put your tool box and workbench on....then out of the way
it goes).....

Then they just disappeared. They were out of California.

I was just wondering if anyone knew what happened to them.

Tony Vaccaro

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   The only total failure of a lift that I have ever heard of (I am 
sure there have been others) was a lift from Lifts Unlimited where a 
new Vette came down on top of another Vette, had pictures somewhere 
but I cant find them now.  The model was the Perfect Park 7000.

   All other lifts I have heard of failing were like someone else 
already financial reasons and not structural.

   Lifts Unlimited (who did not build their own lifts but HAD their 
design built by Eagle at one time, don't know about now), kept it all 
pretty quiet, they found the reason the lift failed and sent out a 
nice xerox copy of a handwritten note with a drill bit and some bolts 
and a steel plate and lousy drawings on where to drill the holes and 
bolt the plate in place saying only it would fix a potential weakness 
in the design and rest assured it was safe.  Yes, that is the model I 
own and I was so upset with that poorly written and drawn note with 
no reason why I should do it that I went on the web and found it on a 
forum (about 4 years ago) with links to a Vette forum that had 
pictures.  Even the owner of the failed lift at the time claimed he 
was keeping the lift after the company fixed it and his Vettes.

   Basically the problem was that if one of the pulley's froze onto 
the bolt/pivot due to rust/corrosion/1,000 other reasons, it would 
back out the bolt and the cables would let go.  The stops would grab 
it and it did with the one that failed but not until it came down a 
few feet and buckled one column from the force. The damage was caused 
by the one buckled leg, the other 3 legs kept the damage to a 
minimum.  The fix was a metal plate to hold the bolts in place so 
they can't back out.  If you are active like I am in the car world 
you will know that it is nearly a religious experience to discuss the 
strengths/weaknesses of the C-channel lifts vs. the square-section 
posts, I think either are fine, I am sure the squares have weaknesses 
that the C's don't and vice-versa.

   Yes, I feel safe under my lift and my Dino is usually under the 
Singer which resides on top, you can bet I would not park my Dino 
under the thing if I had any doubts, nor would I get under there if I did.


At 07:23 AM 12/13/2005, you wrote:

>There is a discussion on the Elise list about Parking lifts.  Some mention
>was made of failures of companies lifts that are since out of business.
>I have a Parking Solutions Lift....bought about 1991.....Does anyone out
>there know what happened to that company?  And if there were any failures
>their lifts?
>Tony Vaccaro

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