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Re: [Shop-talk] Was Cordless Drill Batteries, now "cute" names

Subject: Re: [Shop-talk] Was Cordless Drill Batteries, now "cute" names
From: Richard Beels <>
Date: Sun, 09 Dec 2007 15:14:04 -0500
It reinforces the sense of community we have.  We all have shared 
knuckle-busting experiences when a socket either rounds off the 
fastener or the sidewall snaps.  Or having having an HF grinder die 5 
minutes after starting to use it.

You missed:
     Snap Off
     Home Despot

My father-in-law just adds "piece of crap" (sic) in front of 
something he doesn't like.  Not very cute that....   :-)

At 12/9/2007 at 00:26, Shakespearean monkeys danced on Bill 
Gingerich's keyboard and said:
>The recent discussion of batteries, as well as other topics, has contained
>numerous references to Horrible Freight, Crapsman, and other "cute"
>variations of company and trade names.  Somewhere along the way I started
>wondering why we feel the need to use these names.  We all know that HF
>isn't selling stuff you'd find on a Snap-On truck.  Yes, their quality
>control, design, construction, etc. can leave a bit to be desired.  But if
>you keep those things in mind you can find some useable stuff.  I don't buy
>tools because they have the Craftsman name, nor do I avoid them.  I have
>several HF tools, as well as various Craftsman tools, and they serve my
>needs just fine.  Others of you may not like them, and that is your
>This isn't really an important question in the grand scheme of things.  And
>no, I'm not a bleeding heart, politically correct, communist radical
>evangelical agnostic environmentalist.  I'm just curious why we use these
>I have to leave now to go charge my 9.6 volt Craftsman drill batteries.


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