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[Shop-talk] Bookcase lighting

Subject: [Shop-talk] Bookcase lighting
From: Ian <>
Date: Sun, 13 Jan 2008 15:59:34 -0500
A while back I sought some input on cabinet lighting and said I would update 
the list when I finally finished--better late than never, I say!

The lights are LED strips from IKEA:  Dioder  $50 for a 4 pack of 1 foot long 
LED strips, including mounting brackets and 120V plug, power supply, and 

Installation:  I found it difficult to place the strips in our bookcases such 
that they were not directly visible or visible as a reflection--we wanted truly 
indirect lighting.  I finally settled on putting two at the top, one at the 
botton and one at the side, all hidden by the closed door, but clearly visible 
when the door is open.  I ran the low voltage wiring up to the top of the 
cabinet where I have the transformers (about he size of a matchbox) and switch 
hidden behind the molding.  

Pros:  For cabinet lighting they were relatively cheap.  The halogen sets with 
brass reflectors looked nicer when the doors are open, but were about twice as 
expensive.  The operating cost is nice too, each 4-strip unit draws 11W IIRC 
and have a service life of 20,000 - 50,000 hours.  I have them plugged into a 
photosensor so they come on automatically at night and act as the night light 
in the room.  They also do not generate any noticeable heat at the light 
emitters, which was important to us since we planned to leave them on most of 
the time.  

Cons:  They aren't the most attractive units when visible and it's difficult to 
hide the wiring.  The light is quite strong, but is more of a bluish white than 
a warm yellowish white.  

Some pictures of the installation.

Let me know if you have any questions.

- Ian
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