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Re: [Shop-talk] Unfamiliar wiring for basement lights

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Subject: Re: [Shop-talk] Unfamiliar wiring for basement lights
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Date: Sun, 22 Aug 2010 11:43:33 -0400
Hi All,

Looks like my reply got block...forgot to trim the old text and the message
body was apparently too big: 4346 bytes with a limit of 4 KB.  Forgot all
about that limit.


Pat, as you suggest, I'll pull the switch cover tomorrow and see if the red
wire is connected to the switch.  The basement lights are working now, minus
the broken fixture.  I have the red wire at the broken fixture capped and
the two cables coupled (black to black, white to white, ground to ground,
and the one red wire capped).  

Greg, there are two black wires coming into the fixture as follows:  one
cable with a black, white, red, and ground wire; the other with just a
black, white, and ground wire.  I'll double-check and make sure there's not
240v between the red and black wire(s).  

Randall, I'm inclined to do as you say and just wire the new fixture the
same way the old fixture was wired.  As you suspected, the new fixture does
not work with just the black and white wires, the red seems to be required.
Although all the other fixtures are working with the red capped at the
broken light fixture. 

Thanks for the help guys.  I thought the wiring seemed odd; it's certainly
different than the basement lights in my last house (built in 2003).  This
house was built in 2001, but I believe the previous owner wired the basement
himself (at least the light fixtures).  

- Ian
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