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Re: [Shop-talk] pc to hdtv hookup (in the shop)

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Subject: Re: [Shop-talk] pc to hdtv hookup (in the shop)
From: <>
Date: Tue, 16 Nov 2010 15:22:26 -0500
Hi John,

This was befuddling to me when I first connected my PC to my HDTV.

Here's how I think you have it setup:
Video output:  RGB 15 pin output (no sound)
Audio output:  headphone jack

Video input:  RGB 15 pin input
Audio input:  ??  On my setup, I use a RadioShack headphone to RCA plug
converter and plug into my stereo.

My first challenge was to turn on the audio output for the headphone jack --
test that with headphones until I had it working.  Also, note the volume on
the PC should be about 75% to generate enough voltage without clipping the

My second challenge was that I wanted surround sound and my stereo only had
RCA jacks, so I need that headphone to RCA stereo converter.  

Home this helps,
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