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[Shop-talk] Above ground oil tanks

Subject: [Shop-talk] Above ground oil tanks
From: eric at (eric at
Date: Sat, 4 Jun 2011 17:03:56 -0400
I am in the middle of this process right now (western NJ.)  When I asked 
back here, it was clear that inside was better.  Now that they are 
installed, I'm very happy with it.

New tanks installed (2X 360gals in basement) and Tues they pull the old 
tank.  Wish me luck!

I have insurance, but I'm still worried.

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[Shop-talk] Above ground oil tanks

     I'm planning on having my 550 gallon underground oil tank pulled 
out as it's 20 years old and I'd like to replace it with an above ground 
tank which would go under my deck.  I live in Connecticut, and I'm 
wondering if it would need to be insulated to keep the oil flowing? 
I've also read about combination tanks, which are plastic surrounded by 
a metal shell.  Anyone have experience with above ground tanks?  I'd 
really hate to waste interior space on a tank if I don't have to.   John 

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