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[Shop-talk] Recommendations wanted re: used pick-up trucks

Subject: [Shop-talk] Recommendations wanted re: used pick-up trucks
From: hillman at (David Hillman)
Date: Sat, 13 Aug 2011 10:24:00 -0400 (EDT)
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On Sat, 13 Aug 2011, Wayne wrote:
> #4 guy that's on his 2nd or 3rd F150.  Not sure if it's the 6 or V8. Only 
> does light towing, if any but has a custom bed enclosure for a construction 
> biz.  Haven't heard of any probs with it.  Ford has sold, what?  Over 600,000 
> some years?  Must be doing something right!

    Almost 1 million 2005 F150s, actually.  Best-selling vehicle for 30 
years, which is incomprehensible.  I've only had one, but it has been a 
very good truck.

Ian wrote...
> If you like the truck you have (other than the smell!), I'd recommend
> another one.  I believe GM updated their trucks in 2007 with the 6-speed
> transmission that should net you better mileage and help with 
> towing--note, they still made the GMT-800 like what you have in HD along 
> with the GMT-900 that had the 6-speed auto).  I would not recommend the 
> diesel unless you tow a lot.  Personally, I love a diesel for the fun 
> factor (modify it), but they are really expensive to buy and don't save 
> much on fuel unless you tow a lot, in my experience (we have an F350 
> dually diesel and our 2007 Silverado gas engine gets better mileage 
> except for when towing).  Looks like there are good number available in 
> your area via autotrader:  40 quad cab Chevy/GMCs within 100 miles.

    If mileage is at-all a concern, stay away from the GM Duramax diesel 
engines.  Towing the same trailer on the same route, we got 8 mpg with an 
'07 Chevy 2500 diesel, 12 mpg with my gas 5.4 F150 ( 50% better! ), and 
over 15 with an '05 Ford F250 diesel.  I never spent so much time and 
money at gas stations as that one season when we hauled my racecar with 
that damn Chevy.  Everyone I know has the same experience with them, very 
nice truck if you have your own oil field.

    In the OP's shoes, I would buy a 6.4 litre Powerstroke Ford F250 ( the 
6.0s had some reliability issues ).  Depending on how big his trailer is, 
and how far he's going with it, I might even look at gas F150s.  Mine is 
rated for 9300 pounds, and is a pretty comfortable daily driver for the 
300 days a year that I'm not towing something.

  David Hillman

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