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[Shop-talk] Recommendations wanted re: used pick-up trucks

Subject: [Shop-talk] Recommendations wanted re: used pick-up trucks
From: eric at (eric at
Date: Sat, 13 Aug 2011 14:05:00 -0400
I just did some research for our dive unit to replace a truck there.  What 
I found was that SUVs are much more plentiful and cheaper for the same 

Any guy that swings a hammer for a living is buying used PU trucks.  But 
there is a glut of REALLY nice SUVs (especially the biggest ones) that are 
going for a song.

These trucks are well cared for and never saw a dirt road, not to 
mentioned pull a trailer.

Unless you are pulling a 5th wheel, I'd look into them as well.

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[Shop-talk] Recommendations wanted re: used pick-up trucks

First, let me say that the truck will pull my car
trailer which carries some antique cars which
normally reside in my shop (therefore qualifying
for inclusion in the Shop Talk group<grin>).  I
wouldnbt consider starting this search without
tapping into the remarkable knowledge base
available from within this group!

Ibm in need of replacing our 2002 GMC 2500HD
4 passenger 6.0L with trailer package truck.  My
wife can still smell the VERY faint lingering odor
from a far distant smoker/owner.  So, time for
a replacement.  Ibll put around 12k b 15k miles
per year on it.

What I want is a crew-cab with short bed hauler
(used) that can handle up to 10,000 lb. on
the tag hitch.  Must be HD automatic, possibly
open to diesel, but am used to gasoline engines.

Ibm looking at a used truck, from 2006-2009,
with consideration of 1 year plus/minus due
to special circumstances.

My questions are:
1.  Dodge, GMC/Chevrolet, Ford?

2.  Depending on year and brand, are there
certain gas or diesel engines or transmission
packages to avoid (or strive for)?

3.  Any other features that you can think of
that I may be overlooking?

Super thanks
Steve Hammatt
Mount Vernon WA USA

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