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[Shop-talk] Milwaukee vs Dewalt cordless Hex Impact Driver

Subject: [Shop-talk] Milwaukee vs Dewalt cordless Hex Impact Driver
From: dmscheidt at (David Scheidt)
Date: Fri, 25 Nov 2011 13:15:43 -0600
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On Fri, Nov 25, 2011 at 10:56 AM,  <shop-talk2 at> wrote:
> The December 2011 Popular Mechanics has a review of 12V power drills.
B They
> tested 13 brands, including the DeWalt and milwawkee:
> The DeWalt DCD710S, it got a top rating of 5. B $160 cut 196 1/2" holes and
> drove 171 2.5 inch screws on a charge. B They didn't seem to dislike
> about it except the that the battery "attachment had a fair amount of
> Milwaukee M12 2410-22 was rated "best overall" and was the only other drill
> with a rating of 5. B $150, cut 161 1/2" holes and drove 171 2.5" screws.
> Interesting, that they drove the same number of screws on a charge, but not
> the same number of holes; perhaps, the holes require more work (power).
B The
> said it was very "robust" and the only ding they came up with was that the
> "battery could use a better grip surface".

Power required to drill holes in wood varies with the wood, even among
standard construction grade stuff, and with the sharpness of the drill
bit.  Even if they start with a new (or freshly sharpened) bit, what
they drill through will dull it, and there's variance there.  I don't
know if a 20% variation in performance is attributable to those
factors or not; I'd like to see several trials, to have an idea.

David Scheidt
dmscheidt at

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