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[Shop-talk] Milwaukee vs Dewalt cordless Hex Impact Driver

Subject: [Shop-talk] Milwaukee vs Dewalt cordless Hex Impact Driver
From: shochschild at (shochschild at
Date: Mon, 28 Nov 2011 15:41:07 -0600
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I agree.   I am done with battery tools.

  In my case, I already owned the corded versions, so I instead made the 
investment (aka the opportunity to spend money on my shop) in three good 
contractor grade extension cords.

I tried various reels but now just coil them.

It turns out that I don't miss the battery tools.  Since I threw the 
last collection of dead batteries away, I haven't yet needed to use a 
power tool beyond the reach of a cord.

On 11/28/2011 1:01 PM, Mike Rambour wrote:
>    While I LOVE cordless tools and I have several myself, you have to 
> learn to treat your cordless tools as a rental tool.  You rent it for 
> 2 years and then its often cheaper to buy a new tool instead of buying 
> new batteries.
>   It took me a while to learn this and now when my current rental 
> contract is up, I think I will be replacing them with corded tools.
>     mike
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