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[Shop-talk] Basement shop insulation\vapor barrier question ...

Subject: [Shop-talk] Basement shop insulation\vapor barrier question ...
From: arvidj at (Arvid Jedlicka)
Date: Sat, 10 Dec 2011 12:39:48 -0600
I am replacing the on the exterior walls of my basement shop.

The old insulation was just fiberglass batts with no vapor barrier covered by
clear plastic. The new insulation is also fiberglass batts but it has the
Kraft vapor barrier on it.

I would also like to put clear plastic on the wall as it will be a while
before I actually get around to covering the wall with anything meaningful and
the solid sheet of plastic will be easier to keep clean than the Kraft paper
and bare studs. But I am worried about having two vapor barriers ... the Kraft
paper and the clear plastic ... and what damage might occur if vapor or
anything else gets trapped between them with no place to go.

Any thoughts on this? I am over thinking this? I am under thinking this? I am
not thinking? What was I thinking?


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