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[Shop-talk] Basement shop insulation\vapor barrier question ...

Subject: [Shop-talk] Basement shop insulation\vapor barrier question ...
From: jamesf at (Jim Franklin)
Date: Sat, 10 Dec 2011 16:36:17 -0500
References: <09A75B3D792D40F093B2B6EF89270299@HP62011>
In my opinion you're way overthinking it :-)  I'd not use the clear plastic.
Or use unfaced with the clear plastic. but not both. Why do you care about
keeping it clean anyway?


On Dec 10, 2011, at 1:39 PM, Arvid Jedlicka wrote:

> I am replacing the on the exterior walls of my basement shop.
> The old insulation was just fiberglass batts with no vapor barrier covered
> clear plastic. The new insulation is also fiberglass batts but it has the
> Kraft vapor barrier on it.
> I would also like to put clear plastic on the wall as it will be a while
> before I actually get around to covering the wall with anything meaningful
> the solid sheet of plastic will be easier to keep clean than the Kraft
> and bare studs. But I am worried about having two vapor barriers ... the
> paper and the clear plastic ... and what damage might occur if vapor or
> anything else gets trapped between them with no place to go.
> Any thoughts on this? I am over thinking this? I am under thinking this? I
> not thinking? What was I thinking?
> Thanks,
> Arvid
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