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[Shop-talk] Buying tires online (or is it Tyres?)

Subject: [Shop-talk] Buying tires online (or is it Tyres?)
From: TR3driver at (Randall)
Date: Wed, 21 Dec 2011 21:04:12 -0800
References: <><2F4BEDD7607949DDAB16C2FA0E0978F5@stargate> <>
> I will never deal with Discount Tire again following that 
> experience.  

Was that the store near (or perhaps in) Hawthorne?  I had a bad experience
with them myself years ago; but I believe it was isolated to that store.  I
have been pleased with the one in Torrance (although they said they were
unable to align my TR3A front suspension for me).

My sob story: They ran an ad in the paper for tires that fit my motorhome;
then tried to charge me extra for mounting and balancing when the ad clearly
said it was included in the sale price.  After I started yelling loud enough
to scare away other customers, the manager agreed to honor the ad.  Then
they put the tires on my motorhome without balancing them (or apparently
realizing that I was watching them work).  And then still tried to slip in
an extra charge for mounting and balancing!

-- Randall  

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