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[Shop-talk] direct burial Cat 5

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Subject: [Shop-talk] direct burial Cat 5
From: Mark Miller <>
Date: Mon, 17 Nov 2014 18:06:42 -0800
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I have been fighting with getting Wifi out to my shop building for
years.  It's about 100 feet from the main house, and it's a metal pole
barn so I have to have the Wifi receiver in a window.  I am about ready
to run a hard wire out to the building and was wondering if anyone had
any experience with direct burial CAT 5 or 6 wire.  I would probably run
it in a shallow trench and the total run including snaking it around the
house and out to the shop would probably be about 150 feet at the most.
I would probably just jam in into a shallow slot in the dirt cut with a
shovel or spade.

This sounds like a great fit for powerline Ethernet.  Much easier (and probably 
not very different in price once you deal with the wire, various jacks and 
connections, etc.) and less dirt under your fingernails.
Here's one:


Mark Miller

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