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Date: Wed, 01 Jul 2015 17:23:29 -0700
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Scott - I have a bottom freezer with french doors on the top for the 
fridge in my kitchen.  The nice thing about the two doors on top is you 
don't need as much space to open the doors.  My parents had a regular 
1980's vintage fridge in their garage and you couldn't open the door all 
the way if a car was in the garage.  We have a compact kitchen and it is 
much nicer to have the french door design compared to the older top 
freezer if there is more than one person in the kitchen.

When looking for my current fridge I quickly eliminated a side by side 
because you couldn't put a frozen pizza in freezer side.

That said, in your case I'd probably just get a basic white or black top 
freezer of large enough capacity for your family to save money. I'd even 
skip the ice maker and water dispenser since you are not likely to want 
them in the garage anyway and they take away space. Look for a 4th of 
July advertised special to save even more.

Congratulations on the foreclosure.  I got mine in 2009.  It took 6 
weeks of evening and weekend work to be able to move in, but we are in a 
great location and the house is now worth much more than we paid.  If 
you have not already done so, I recommend a professional home inspection 
to help you identify any issues you might have missed.  If you are in a 
termite area, also get a professional termite company to inspect the 
property.  I would consider it to be a small insurance policy to catch 
things early before they become more of a problem

I'm in the middle of a double bathroom renovation that involved both rot 
and termite damage.  In addition, before you start putting the kitchen 
back together, make sure the subfloor is absolutely solid under the old 
fridge/dishwasher/sink areas in case they had water damage.  Stiffen up 
the floor if needed if you intend to put in tile.  I replaced my 
bathroom 1x6 diagonal board with 3/4" plywood topped with 1/2" plywood 
(offset joints) and it is solid - no cracked grout like the old floor.  
It took a day of work, but I'm very happy that I know all the wood is 
good and the rot is gone.


On 7/1/2015 4:23 PM, Scott Hall wrote:
> I'm asking you guys primarily because you know everything.
> Secondarily, this thing will end up in the garage. But I'm mostly not even
> pretending this is a shop-related question.
> I just bought a foreclosure.
> The previous owners gutted the kitchen on their way out. This is good
> because the house was cheap, and I'll be able to get the s/o the kitchen
> she wants, and someone's already done the demolition for me.
> But I'm going to live in this in the interim, and I need a refrigerator.
> Eventually, there will be a built in something-or-other that will no doubt
> cost more than my first car. Until then, I just want something that will
> keep things cold, and that I can later re-purpose for my fridge in the
> garage.
> So with that in mind, what should I buy? My main concern is simple,
> durable, and able to survive (eventually) in a garage environment. I'm not
> real excited about buying a diamond plate model, but beyond that aesthetics
> aren't too important.
> So...if you were able to buy a fridge for your shop (that would live on
> your house for a few months first), what would you get? Do top- or
> bottom-freezers last longer/use less electricity/whatever? Do you find
> yourself wishing your fridge did something it doesn't do now? Since it's
> mine and mine alone I can pick whatever I want.
> Thanks fellas.
> Scott
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