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RE: Garage/Workshop Construction

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Subject: RE: Garage/Workshop Construction
From: Pat.Catchpole@netc.co.uk (Pat Catchpole)
Date: Tue, 5 Jan 1999 09:01:00 +0000
Frank (and others)

To give you a little more inspiration for your new garage (and ideas for next
Xmas) visit





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Subject:     Garage/Workshop Construction

After many years of "wanting", I am nearer to my dream. Construction was
actually started in mid-November with getting the trees cut down, the
grade built up, and now the concrete slab has been poured. I have been
framing the shop now for the past few days. Of course the weather turned
cold and rainy, cold was OK, but I just couldn't get out in the rain to
measure, cut and nail the 2x4's. The framing is just about finished. 31
feet by 21 feet! Yeah, it's already too small. The trusses were
delivered on Tuesday and hopefully Monday I'll be able to put them up,
and get the roof finished. Of course I still have to do the lap siding.
I have built the shop with 10 foot ceilings. There were so many other
things that I wanted to do in preparation of the cars but the money just
isn't there. Well, that's what I did on my vacation- worked more in the
past three weeks than I have in the past three months!
Hope that everyone had a Merry CHRISTmas, and off to a Triumphant New
Frank Underwood
59 Ford Consul MKII 'lowline' convertible 204E/A 204E 205730
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Atlanta GA USA (well sort of...)

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