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Re: First and last post....

To: tim ob <iphituss@hotmail.com>, spitfires@Autox.Team.Net
Subject: Re: First and last post....
From: John Suchak <suchak@mediaone.net>
Date: Wed, 06 Jan 1999 14:56:12 -0500
Man, you *really* are an asshole, aren't you?

tim ob wrote:
> John (Not Johnny)

John, Johnny, Johnzo, John-a-lunga, Jo-johnny-fonny. 
John-jacob-jingleheimer-schmidt. Whatever.

> You call that a tantrum?

Yes.  Others might not be quite as charitable, but I'll settle for
"tantrum".  Of course "sociopathic" comes to mind as well.

> Laugh my ass off on that one.

Huh?  Hey, clueless fuck, get a book on grammar and look up "verb
tense".  Better yet, just read the whole thing.  

> Reread your posts to me and you tell me who is the asshole.

Done.  It's still you.  Want to try two out of three?

> I made an observation, (and have had a civil reply from the person
> referenced) and got off your list. You seem to be the one with self
> esteem problems here.

No, shit for brains, you attacked a woman for naming her car, and then
told the rest of us that we were essentially stupid for participating. 
Furthermore, my self esteem is in great shape, but my tolerance for
jerkoffs looks like it could use a little polish.

> Obviously you and others do care what my opinion is or you would not
> have even responded to my post.

Wrong, if the dope hadn't ruined your short term memory you'd be able to
recall that my response was merely to wish you adieu...  So farewell,
Sweet Prince.  Be on your way!   

> BTW - the numbers are 7 to 3 in your favor, but nobody has been a big a
> jerk as you.

I set quite a high standard, don't I?  It's always nice to be #1 on a
winning team!

> BTW2 - Do you consider your responses to be "learning how to act
> appropriately in a public forum" ?

Sorry Timmy, after your outburst you're not really in a position to pose
that question to anybody.  

Buh-bye pal.

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