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Re: Where to order

To: Bill Miller <millerb@netusa1.net>
Subject: Re: Where to order
From: Patrick Barber <sailnbail@earthlink.net>
Date: Fri, 15 Jan 1999 23:27:05 -0500
Bill Miller wrote:

> I personally have had very good luck with them all.  SpitBits is extremely
> knowledgeable about spitfire.  You can ask Nigel for the "funny little piece
> that holds together two thingamajigs" and he actually knows what you are
> talking about.  My dad even used them to buy my Christmas present with no
> problems.  I have bought quite a bit from Moss motors and have no complaints
> with them, they are actually very nice people.  Personally I would recommend
> getting catalogs from Spit Bits, Moss Motors, TRF, Vicky Brit, and Rimmers.
> You can then comparison shop and establish an account with all of them.  Not
> all vendors have all the parts, but you can generally find what you need
> from one of them.  Just my .02 worth
> Bill
> 78 Spit
> (soon to have another, just don't tell my wife)
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> Subject:        Where to order
> Hi,
> I need to order a number of basic spitfire parts. Clutch slave, fuel
> pump, etc. When I checked the net there seemed to be so many places to
> order from. Any suggestions on which are cheaper and give good service.
> Thanks all!
> Keith
> 71 Spitfire (rising from the ashes of neglect)

The other added benefit of getting all of these catalogs is the great assembly
drawings they provide which can help you gage what you may need before you need

Patrick Barber, Allen Park, MI
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