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Re: carburetor ?

To: "Chris Pappathopoulos" <ctpappathopo@students.wisc.edu>,
Subject: Re: carburetor ?
From: "Keith R. Stewart" <kstewart@wwdc.com>
Date: Thu, 21 Jan 1999 18:10:10 -0500
> Does anyone know how a dual DCOE setup compares to a dual SU setup on a
> 1500 for power. I am putting a higher performance cam in and will be
> investing in a new exhaust system when the money comes around. I use the
> car for autox and street driving, and maybe track use in the future.
> Also does anyone know where you can purchase a dual DCOE kit for the
> 1500.
> Thanks for any info anyone has to give.
> Chris Pappathopoulos
Dual DCOE's are in a class all their own...but you are wasting your money
unless you use a hotter cam and better exhaust AT THE MINIMUM. If you
really want to talk to a guy that knows, call Ted Schumacher of TSI-Import
Automotive in Pandora Ohio (419)384-3022 or fax him at (419)384-3272. He
can help you obtain what you need and assist with how to do it...a real
treasure...but (a bit of advice), be smart enough to listen to what he has
to say!
Keith Stewart

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