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Engine setup Problems

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Subject: Engine setup Problems
From: "Phil Johnson" <spitfire.man@virgin.net>
Date: Fri, 9 Jun 2000 09:29:15 +0100

Received this from a non-lister and wondered if anyone could shed light on
this guy's
engine problem. He seems to of checked all the things that I would of
suggested to check...

Over the weekend I changed the 1500 cc engine in my spitfire 1500
 for a 1300 cc Dolomite engine, due to the fact that the 1500's big end
bearings have gone.

 I have connected everything as instructed in the manual, I have corrected
the distributor arm timing using the correct 10 degree
BTDC makings and even tried it 180 degrees the other way.

All the engine will do is make a few pathetic firing noises.

I have checked to make sure each plug is producing a good spark, and that
all plugs and HT and LT leads are working correctly.

I have also checked the fuel pump, and both balance pots on the twin SU
carburettors seem to be filling up.

When I took the spark plugs out for investigation the firing ends were dry
although smelt of petrol.

When changing the engine I removed the carbs and might have left them at a
bad angle, because the oil in the main pots was
empty. After refitting them I topped up the pots again, but still had no

Do you think there is a fuel starvation problem ???????
Is the timing out ?????
I am at a loss to explain why my engine will not work.

Thank you in advance,


Benjamin Pasfield
Phil Johnson
Coventry UK
Club Triumph (UK) Spitfire/GT6 Secretary

66 Spitfire4 Mk2 FC73949
77 TR7 ACG15216
77 TR7 ACG10378A Ongoing Sprint Conversion

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