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RE: Electric Fan

To: "'Mike Nelson'" <mnelson@tconl.com>, spitfires@autox.team.net
Subject: RE: Electric Fan
From: "Bowen, Patrick" <pbowen@intellinetics.com>
Date: Tue, 15 Aug 2000 08:00:35 -0400
Mike, I am not an electrical genius, but from experience.  The reason the
DPO did that is the thermostatic switch on top of the radiator went south.
Since there is not supposed replacement he jerry rigged it.  Check your
thermostatic switch, and if that is a problem, go to NAPA and buy one for a
78 Volkswagon Golf, rabbit-whatever they were making then.  Fits perfectly.

Patrick Bowen

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From: Mike Nelson [mailto:mnelson@tconl.com]
Sent: Monday, August 14, 2000 10:41 PM
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Subject: Electric Fan

Greetings All,

My newly acquired '79 Spitfire has the front leaning radiator and electric
fan combination.  The PO had disconnected the thermo switch on the radiator,
combined the two wires and spliced in some wires that ran back to a switch
under the dash.  Consequently, the fan was either 'always on' or 'always
off' (manually overridden.)

When I first started driving the car, the fan would come on when the
ignition would be in the 'on' position.  Shortly after, (2nd or 3rd evening
ride) the fan didn't come on at all, and I managed to make it home about the
time the temp gauge read 240 degrees.  So, I started investigating the
electronic situation at that point, which is when I discovered the wire back
to the under-dash switch.  It had gotten caught on the steering shaft, and
tore apart.  I fixed it, tucked it in better (those wire ties are great) and
I was back to his configuration.  (I planned on rewiring the thermo switch
back in, and doing away with the over-ride switch.

Now my problem, I can't read the schematic on page 266 of my Haynes manual,
(I'm clueless) and I need to know how to rewire back to the way it SHOULD

After removing his bullet splices, and yards of cheap electrical tape, I
have two wires that come from the fan, two that lead to the thermal switch,
and two that presumably connect to the fan's two wires?  I rewired it the
way I believed it should be, and no fan.

At this point, I'm begging for ideas or help.  I even reconnected it back to
its previous condition, and still no fan.  Using my cheap ohm meter, the two
wires from the fan will peg the meter.  the two wires going to the thermal
switch will peg the meter, but the two remaining wires in the wire loom,
(they presumable go to the fan's wires) will not budge the meter at all.

Please, anyone?


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