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Re: trunnion bushing

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Subject: Re: trunnion bushing
From: Douglas Braun <doug@dougbraun.com>
Date: Fri, 25 Oct 2002 07:32:54 -0400
In my experience, those flimsy little washers are often rotted beyond 

Smart idea, using the tape.  You could use a turn of scotch tape around the 
assembly just before shoving
it into the A-arm, and simply let fragments of it remain afterwards.


At 08:05 PM 10/24/02 -0700, Dan Canaan wrote:

>Yeah, two metal washers per side.  The trap the square sided O ring between 
>them.  My kit didn't have any assembly instructions and the originals had 
>rotted away long ago so it took me a while to figure out the assembly method.  
>You can use a light assembly grease such as white lithium to help keep things 
>together, but unless you are ready to put it together into the control arm at 
>that point, I wouldn't do it until you are ready.  If you really insist on 
>doing it, tape the finished assembly together so you don't get dirt into the 
>joints past the O ring.

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