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Re: trunnion bushing

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Subject: Re: trunnion bushing
From: "mikeross" <mikeross@prodigy.net>
Date: Fri, 25 Oct 2002 12:09:44 -0400

Check out the drawings on my web page:
They are of the rear wishbone, but the bushings and sheet metal water
shields and shims (look like large fender washers) are the same.


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Subject: trunnion bushing

> Hoping to pick someone's brain who has replaced the trunnion bushings.  I'm
> about to tackle that.  I've got the parts and have sort of "dry fit" them
> the kitchen table.  I am concerned about exactly what to do w/ the rubber
> seals.  The Haynes manual just says "fit them."  Are they to be fit around
> flange of the nylon bushings or what?
> I'm also puzzled because I expected there to be a hunk of rubber w/ this
> stuff...something that fits inside the trunnion housing and around the
> trunnion bolt.  The manual seems to say that this area is just filled w/
> grease.  Is that right?
> 76 1500.

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