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Re: Bugeye side curtains

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Subject: Re: Bugeye side curtains
From: shk <shk@qnet.com>
Date: Tue, 30 Jun 1998 08:30:15 -0700
Organization: NFB
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I don't believe I have ever seen an "original" set of side curtains
so I have no idea how they were made but when I rebuilt the side
curtains on my sprite I just went to the hardware store and bought
a sheet of plexiglass and a roll of felt weatherstripping.  I used
an old broken sidecurtain as a template, cut the plexiglass on my
tablesaw and then used a Dremel and sandpaper to form the curve on the
rear-upper portion of the sidecurtain.  I was extremely pleased with
how they came out.  I had never worked with plexiglass before and I
had no idea how hard it would be to cut, shape, etc.  They were quite
easy to make, and I would recommend it to anyone with $10 for supplies
and a table saw.

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