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Rear Axle Leak & other info

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Subject: Rear Axle Leak & other info
From: shk <shk@qnet.com>
Date: Wed, 23 Sep 1998 12:13:03 -0700
Organization: NFB
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I think I finally have the axle leak beat.  Congratulations and thanks
to the person who suggested the vent.  After unscrewing the vent and
taking one look at the 30 years of oil leaks packed into it, I had a
very good feeling I had found the problem.  So far no more leaking.

A few months ago I posted asking suggestions on how to move my Sprite
from LA to Michigan.  I mentioned that I wouldn't have that much stuff
in the truck so maybe I should just put the car in the truck.  I got a
variety of wonderful suggestions but I arrived at the final solution on
my own.  I am posting this because several people wrote me telling that
they were planning their own X-country moves and they were looking for
suggestions themselves.  I originally was planning to rent a cargo van
(like a Ford Econoline) and tow the car behind the van.  But then I
found out the rental outfits won't let you tow a car behind anything 
smaller than a 15' moving truck.  *bummer*  To add insult the auto
carrier (for a trailer not just a dolly) was $215 more.  So I would
have a 15' truck that was almost empty and then have to rent a trailer
and go through the hassle of towing it.  So now I was determined to get
the car into the truck.  I tried tracking down a loading dock, but found
nobody interested in helping me out.  And then I arrived at what seems
to be the best solution for me!  I called a local tow-truck operator and 
asked if they would be willing to load the car on their flat-bed and
then back it into the truck.  They told me "sure we do that for people
all of the time!"  I asked how much and they told me $65 an hour,
usually takes about 30 minutes.  So anyway, to everyone who wanted to
know how I am going to get the car into the Ryder truck, now you know.

I'm almost done, I promise.  I know everyone is already mad about the
number of off topic posts.

If somebody has something they need trucked from points between LA and
Ann Arbor, Michigan let me know, I'd be happy to help.  I will probably
leave October 10, however I am not sure of the exact route I'm going to
take.  I have done all of the obvious 3 and each one has it's


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