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Re: Some further Midget musings

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Subject: Re: Some further Midget musings
From: Jeff Boatright <jboatri@emory.edu>
Date: Sun, 15 Aug 1999 12:33:24 -0400
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Just some minor additions to the info below (which I got from the list,
probably from Frank, and worked for me).

For removing the bezel, I flip over a mouse pad and place the gauge face
down on the neoprene side, then twist. I also found that on my tacho I
needed a _little_ penetrating oil to get it to move. Be sure to clean up
all signs of oil later.

I was told by a tech specialist at Valvoline NOT to use gear oil in LBC
trannies or any trannies that use "soft yellow" metal synchros. I use 50 wt
Valvoline racing oil. Compared to 20w50 it's a little quieter and I've had
no problems shifting, etc. This is on a tranny that 2 yrs and 17,000 miles
ago I was told was on the verge of self-destructing.

I think it was Crash who suggested pushing a bit of garden hose onto the
lossened tranny filler plug hex head to fully unscrew the plug and remove
it through the access hole. I _think_ that an 18 mm socket fits the plug
hex head. As for topping off, I've never found mine low. I do drain and
refresh once a year (grand total of 3 times so far).

On 8/15/99, Frank Clarici wrote:
>To clean the gaige lens, you have to take it out of the dash, twist the
>chrome bezel to line up the tabs, remove the lens, clean it, then
>replace it.
>I use a small dab of black silicone caulk or gasket goop, wipe a thin
>layer on the bezel to seal it. This does help with the moisture.
>Do not use 90 wt oil in the gearbox. Straight (single wt) 50 works well.
>The original specs called for 30wt but the book was written before 50 wt
>was popular.
>A long flexi neck funnel is needed to fill the tranny. The fill plug is
>tricky to get to but not impossible, it is real easy from under the car
>if you jack up the right side, I know it's on the left but trust me, I
>have done it enough times.
>It's just easier to reach from the right.
>When it is full, it will come out of the filler plug. No dip stick.
>Frank Clarici
>Toms River, NJ
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>67 Sprite (PIECES)
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>74 Austin Marina
>71 MG Midget racer
>61 Sprite (parts car)
>65 Sprite (parts car)
>66 Sprite (parts car)
>And a 97 Ford Pick Up

Jeffrey H. Boatright, PhD
Senior Editor, Molecular Vision
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