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Re: Okay, now I have a clue... Tire question

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Subject: Re: Okay, now I have a clue... Tire question
From: Larry Macy <macy@bblmail.psycha.upenn.edu>
Date: Tue, 17 Aug 1999 16:01:43 -0400
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The Michies will out handle the BF's But you need to do all four - not 
just the front ones to get the benefit. 


PS WHITEWALLS????? Ecccck  (IMHO of course)

At this exact moment in time 8/17/99 15:44, gottstein@erols.com made the 
profound statement:

>   After reading the archives, I have deduced that 165/70 R 13 sized tires
>should be no problem on my stock rims on my 1975 square arched Midget.  If
>I'm wrong, someone please let me know.
>I'm replacing my tires, because the front is badly aligned, and I've ruined
>the two front tires in a very short amount of time.
>Would a Michelin 165/70 R13 tire give noticeably better handling
>characteristics than the cheaper BF Goodrich 155/80 R13 tires I have on
>there now? If not, then I'll just replace the two front tires with the same
>BF Goodrich and save myself $100 or so.
>Last, It's a white car, and looks good with whitewall tires.  That's not so
>wrong, is it?
>Thanks a whole lot,
>John Gottstein
>1975 Midget

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