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Re: Gosh Darn it!

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Subject: Re: Gosh Darn it!
From: Mark Snowdon <racer45@bellsouth.net>
Date: Wed, 18 Aug 1999 00:01:24 -0700
Organization: Snowdon Racing
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Bill Elliott wrote:
> Down in eastern NC when I was in college autocrossing a Midget, I crewed
> for a dirt track racer with a real sense of humor.
> In the "mini-stock" 4 banger class, we ran a SAAB Sonett against the
> Pinto's and Vega's. We always has more traction, but not enough power...
> until we realized the rules allowed us to use ANY 4 cylinder engine made
> by SAAB.  So we grafted a late model 900 drivetrain on the front.
> (Couldn't run the front body of course, but that was legal)  Won
> everything until the local track "outlawed" front wheel drive.
> So, we took a rusty FIAT X1/9 and dropped a 1800 twincam in it.  We were
> even more successful until they outlawed mid-engines a few races later.
> We got the idea they didn't want us to play with them!  (We hadn't even
> gotten to his Abarth-equipped FIAT 850!)
> Bill Elliott
> Lake Mills, WI

HMMM, I have a complete 850 sitting behind the shop at work, never
thought of using that....

Mark Snowdon
Greensboro NC

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