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Re: apology

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Subject: Re: apology
From: Peggy Bohler <pbohler@wenet.net>
Date: Thu, 19 Aug 1999 09:30:35 -0700
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Thanks for this response.    Sorry if I was too sensitive.  :-)
Our Midget is also a daily driver, and even though it does have a "hood" it
is rarely used -- only when it is raining  a LOT.  
Perhaps that is why there is a problem - closed up too much.  
I am getting some responses with tips that should be helpful.  
Thank you to all.

At 06:55 AM 8/19/99 EDT, you wrote:
>Sorry you felt you had to apologize. If you read some of my posts you 
>will find that the Midget is a daily driver and I have no top, hood or 
>what ever and that is to what I refered when I made my rather facetious 
>"me too" to Larry's comment. Therefore I had no serious answer to your 
>I think the apology is mine  - not yours.
>Larry (Opening mouth and inserting foot, a very common practice in the 
>Macy haousehold)

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