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Re: personal information

To: Wiedemeyer <boxweed@thebest.net>
Subject: Re: personal information
From: Glen <grbyrns@ucdavis.edu>
Date: Wed, 24 Nov 1999 13:17:11 -0800
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Reply-to: Glen <grbyrns@ucdavis.edu>
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Yes, he had the car, sold it to me in August on my birthday.
Its running now and has a date at the DMV tomorrow.
                                Regards, Glen Byrns

Wiedemeyer wrote:
> He had the Sprite I had wanted for thirty years
> >and the web found him for me.  Two calls to the two 'hits' in So.CA
> >and there he was.
> >                        Regards, Glen Byrns
> You forgot the most important piece of information!!!  Did he still have the
> car, and if so, did he sell it to you??
> Bob

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