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Insurance gurus... my turn...

To: spridgets@autox.team.net
Subject: Insurance gurus... my turn...
Date: Sun, 22 Jul 2001 23:18:50 -0700
...to ask for advice.

Tonight, when leaving to go out for an anniversary dinner with my wife, I
noticed the front of her car was up on the curb/sidewalk. She thought maybe
she parked that way, but I was more suspicious. As I walked around to the
driver's side of the car, I notice the door was bashed in and the trim
piece hanging from only one fastener. I suppose the good news was that my
Bugeye was parked in the very same spot just 30 minutes before and my
Morris pickup was parked in the next space in front of the wagon. The bad
news is none of my neighbors heard or saw anything and (big surprise) no
one left a note. Labor and paint costs being what they are, this is at
least $1500 damage and I don't have collision on this car. Is this covered
under comprehensive or collision? I already took photos and filed a police
report. Any suggestions on how this should play out or what to do next? Is
this going to raise my rates and therefore should I not file a claim?

This was no "geezer" ...



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